Balloons are synonymous with celebrations. From Births to Birthdays, Christenings to Confirmations, Engagements to Weddings, Hens, Stags, Baby Showers and everything else that you could celebrate – Balloons tend to feature. Balloons are an exciting party decoration in their own right, but can often be made even more exciting by matching colours to a theme, occasion or venue. More recently, confetti and other types of filled balloons have become popular and add another level to ordinary balloons. But there is one way to ensure your party balloons pop (hopefully not until after the celebrations!) and are extra special, and that is with Personalised Balloons.

personalised balloons

Personalised Balloons come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit every occasion, budget and theme. A good place to start is to decide whether you want Personalised Latex Balloons or Personalised Foil Balloons. How you are able to customise each will differ so consider the features and limitations of each before making your decision.

Personalised Latex Balloons are usually available in large orders, making them a cost effective choice for those looking for lots of Personalised Balloons. These balloons can be printed with your name or logo, on any colour balloon and can be filled with helium to make them fly. Latex balloons are a firm favourite with many as they are the more traditional balloon. However, Latex Balloons only stay flying for a number of hours so while they look fantastic, they don’t live long. This is worth considering when deciding what type of Personalised Balloon to go for.

Personalised Foil Balloons on the other hand, last for a much longer time and can pretty much be guaranteed to stay flying for days. They are a low-cost option when looking to surprise somebody or promote a product or special offer. They also look fantastic as they are big and bright. Foil Balloons are available in a wide choice of colours and their shiny exterior makes them stand out. They can be personalised with text only however, so this is where you may prefer the Personalised Latex Balloon option. However, there is a last option available which provides both.

Single Personalised Foil Balloons, available only in white, can be printed with text, logos or photographs. These balloons are extra large and images look fantastic on the bright white background. They are a little more expensive than other options but they are truly a unique party decoration or gift for special occasions.

So there you have it, a quick guide to Personalised Balloons. Whether you choose Latex or Foil for your upcoming occasion or event, Celebrate It!

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