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Personalisedgift.ie, will send you one email confirmation of the items you have purchased. If any articles are out of stock you will be notified immediately and the purchase of that article either cancelled or put on back order. If placed on back order you will be advised before goods are charged or dispatched. Alternatively if a like substitute is available, you will be notified of the availability of that product. Personalisedgift.ie, will provide an invoice of goods, and all prices. Goods will be delivered within 2 working days depending on the weather conditions!

Personalisedgift.ie, is not responsible for, nor does it give any warranty in respect of any materials, or other supplies which give rise to:

Any adverse affect on any person due to allergy or intolerant reaction arising from that person’s use of any materials or wearables such as wigs, clothing, face paint etc. supplied by Personalisedgift.ie

Any damage suffered by any person or property in the conduct of any game or activity supplied Personalisedgift.ie

You the customer, hereby indemnify Personalisedgift.ie against all claims, actions, suits, demands or costs made on or against Personalisedgift.ie by any person arising from the provision of any goods and materials supplied by Personalisedgift.ie

RETURNS POLICY Goods found to have a manufacturing defect will be replaced, however the management of Personalisedgift.ie reserve the right to refuse to refund should you change your mind. Claims for faulty stock should be reported to Personalisedgift.ie within 3 days of the receipt of the goods and all claims must be approved prior to the return of the product, along with a copy of the invoice. For hygienic reasons, no refund can be given on hats, masks, jewellery, wigs or any article which can be worn. No refund will be given on Seasonal Products after the end of that particular season, nor will part packages be accepted for return. No refund will be given on delivery costs or costs incurred by the customer in return of the goods. Personalisedgift.ie, will not accept responsibility for, nor refund the cost of goods that do not arrive in the condition that they were sold.

PAYMENTS – Credit card payment of goods will be processed at the time of ordering online. If a customer places a phone order or faxes an order, goods will be charged to the credit card plus the delivery charge, before the goods are dispatched.

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